Kate Wright

Screenwriting is Storytelling
Penguin Putnam, Amazon.com

"Story" is the universal language for all human beings, and American Storytelling rocks! Kate's award-winning approach to crafting a screenplay reveals screenwriting formulas, defines story sequencing, and explores the mysteries of storytelling with unique and compelling strategies for the worldwide audience. Drawing on examples from classic films that rocked the box office, Screenwriting is Storytelling takes you beyond structure into the heart of "Story" with invaluable lessons on how to:

  • Develop a “big idea” inside the exciting world of your story
  • Story determines structure, not the other way around.
  • Create memorable characters that embody your ideas
  • Establish moral dilemmas and conflicts that drive your story
  • Achieve classic elements of storytelling in a three-act dramatic structure
  • Master genre, subgenres and professional tricks of the trade 
Praise for Screenwriting is Storytelling from Amazon.com:

For the Beginner and the Advanced Storyteller

The first advice I read is - in order to have a career as a screenwriter you have to learn to be a storyteller.

With that in mind I bought books, took out books at the library and read all the positive and negative articles on the internet that made me want to give up before I started.

I took out Ms. Wright's book from the library and after having so many "aha" moments as I read it, I returned the book to the library after ordering a copy for myself on Amazon. I knew I had to own this book.

Ms. Wright breaks down the process of writing into simple terms and chapters. Through the book I saw that successful storytelling involves all the characters perspectives.

I highly recommend this book to the inexperienced storyteller, for it's simplicity and to experienced storytellers as a reminder of what a screenplay needs to be a hit.

--Mary (New York)
  "New at this"

Hollywood's "Secret" Ingredient

Screenwriting Is Storytelling by Kate Wright knocked my socks off.

Though I've been a professional writer for two decades, I have avoided books that outline the theories of creative storytelling as I feared such books would be intrusive rather than helpful. I assumed most writers learned to write by writing. This book turns that idea on its head.

In her effort to break down the script writing process, Kate Wright digs deeper than plot, character, and theme. She investigates the connection between great storytelling and the sources of it's subsconscious affect on the audience. She scrutinizes several vastly popular movies in detail, movies that have drawn audiences from all generations, all countries, all ethnic backgrounds. This effort leads her to find the one key ingredient these great movies have in common -- a spiritual connection with the audience. Spiritual connection? Surely, this must be the most "secret" ingredient in the Hollywood formula. Wright bravely explores this spiritual connection through the ethical or moral (if you must) dilemnas of the protagonists and antagonists in these popular movies. This fearless approach has forever changed my way of experiencing motion pictures.

I recommend this book to movie lovers everywhere, it will enhance their enjoyment of motion pictures. I also recommend it to screenwriters who have already internalized the technical aspects of script writing and are searching for something more -- the source of that special connection that can exist storyteller and audience. The author of this book serves as a wonderful guide on that exciting and worthwhile journey.

--Georgia Ocean (New York)
   Writer and movie lover
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